About us

AQD INSTITUTE FOR COUNTERING FEAR is a NGO founded in 2009 with a purpose to fight against individual fear by supporting individuals and groups who face any kind of terror, fear, pressure or threat from any governmental or tribal bodies or other unaffordable forces making their lives unpleasant, bitter and painful, while they have the desire to look forward and create.
AQD INSTITUTE FOR COUNTERING FEAR, which is founded in 2009 in China under the slogan 'Fear Nothing… We're Beside You', does not impose ethnic, religious or geographical limits on its activities and it deals with the cases of fear reported to it.
AQD INSTITUTE FOR COUNTERING FEAR today has become one of the largest NGOs in the world. It treated hundreds of deadly threat and severe fear cases in Asia and Africa. Its team has expanded and the number of collaborators have exceeded hundreds of legal practitioners, writers, enlightened, civilian activists and youth.
AQD INSTITUTE FOR COUNTERING FEAR and its non-profit institutions rely on self-financing in a difficult, wonderful and successful experience that worthy to be imitated, since it does not accept government, private, NGOs or individual grants. So a team of AQD management has assumed− since the beginning of its work- the management of the financial affairs to finance the activities of the AQD INSTITUTE FOR COUNTERING FEAR, then its activities widened with widening the financial base on which the activities of AQD depend, as profitability private companies of AQD were established to help the continuity of our non-profit work and aspirations