Special program

To support and provide aid to refugees, displaced persons and immigrants, we have launched a special program for design that aims to form a productive experience for the beneficiary and provides great opportunities for work and good future.
We are working to provide the distinguished with a suitable job and to give them the opportunity to work at home. The more you have a lot of work to do with a high level of professionalism, the more you get profits. We will be glad when the beneficiary’s experience increases and he/she begins his/her own project or company with the provision of great opportunities for a brighter future.
We offer computers to those who pass the program successfully to help them in their work. The computer will not be for free but its value will be deducted later from the monthly salary with interest-free installments in order to give ourselves the ability to support others and to progress in our project for the benefit of more refugees.
The programs are presented through direct training workshops that are specially held in:
1. Refugee camps.
2. Places of displaced people.
3. Proposed places by the Non-governmental organization (NGO).
4. Proposed places by UNICEF.
5. Proposed places by
6. CCTV Lectures.
7. Our YouTube channel.

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